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Top Ten Hair Trends of 2020

Welcome to a New Year, a new decade and a new month! I’m so excited that you dropped by. I hope you’ve had some time to re-cooperate and relax from the holidays.
As you add new appointments and tasks to your daily planners, embrace self-care routines and focus on your health, financial and personal goads, it may also be the perfect time to switch up your look.
There’s just something about changing your look whether you decide to change your fashion, beauty or hairstyles that refresh you during the start of a new year.
If you’re on the hunt for a new style, here are a few trending hairstyles you may want to try.
Embrace the Gray
Mature women are now embracing their gray hair with no apologies. This new-found love of self-acceptance is empowering women all over the globe. No longer are women forced to a different standard of beauty than men. Women are embracing their silver fox strands and redefining what it means to be sexy, attractive and beautiful.


Curly, round hair
Loose to tight curls are in and not going anywhere. Women are embracing their curly locks and styles that frame the face. With the number of products on the market, it is easier than ever to maintain your natural coils. There is an added interest in maintaining volume and thickness as well as a healthy mane.
Pixie Cuts
Who doesn’t love a short pixie? This is a super easy, low maintenance style that is simply flattering. Although the under-cut and fade cuts are going out of style. A new, modern, sculptured or sleek look is treading. This one is a win-win especially as we move closer to Spring/Summer.
Shaggy Hair

On the opposite spectrum, this style on a fresh, modern style. Whether you choose to wear a shorter or medium length version, it is definitely turning heads this year.
Slicked back hair
Make sure you have gel or mousse in your beauty arsenal because slicked back hair will be everything this year. Sleek updos, buns, ponytails are cutting edge right now. It is also a great way to accentuate your features whether it be your lashes, cheekbones or lips.
Blunt bobs
Sharp, razor blunt bobs will command attention this year. No matter what length this edgy look will gain appeal and coordinate with your fashion choices. A simple yet chic style that speaks for itself.
Super Long Extensions
Long braids and ponytails are a great way to incorporate this look. However, long loose waves or flat ironed hair will also be in high demand. Just make sure you maintain the health of your hair with regular upkeep and maintenance while wearing these hairstyles.
Fashion wigs
One way to quickly change your appearance is selecting a gorgeous wig that frames your face. The options are endless. Whether you go for color, texture, length on style. This choice is definitely a fashion statement as well as convenience.

The Natural Look
Women are definitely re-defining and shaping society on authentic beauty. Wearing little or no makeup, as well as more neutral and nude lips, are making a statement in the beauty industry and beyond. Natural nails or brows as well as natural hair and glowy, dewy skin is transforming the mindsets and mentality of the masses.


Curtain bangs
Another styling option is bumped bangs or shag bangs that drop just below your eyes. Whether you choose to wear them in your face or slung to the side is your choice. It adds a subtle, suggestive hint of sexy and mystery to your look.
Whether you decide on one style or decide to mix a combination of two together, you will continue to be the flawless, fierce and fabulous female you were born and created to be.
As you focus on the outside, make sure you also focus on the inside to become the best you that you can be.
Happy New Year, my friend! Feel free to leave your comments.
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Cheers to new beginnings!