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Do You Still Need to Big Chop to go Natural?

Since we are still in the early part of the New Year, you may be itching to jump into something fresh and new. Are you considering a big chop for a change of pace?

Over ten years ago, the natural hair movement had women chopping their hair off in droves to go natural. Unless you desire a TWA or a pixie cut, it might not be necessary to cut all your hair off to go natural today.

With all the products on the market, our hair is much more resilient. Unless your hair is severely damaged or has excessive split ends, you may not need to go to the extremes to achieve natural healthy hair. As long as you regularly trim the ends as you grow your hair out of a perm, you can easily transition.

Leaving your hair in a protective style can help ease the transition however, regular cleansing and moisturizing is a high priority in the transition process. Chemically-treated hair is much weaker so it must be handled with extra care if you decide not to big chop.

Either way, flex your new look with confidence. Embrace the diversity of style and texture and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

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