Protective Styling: How to Maintain Braids Without Risk of Hair Damage

Protective hairstyles are an important hairstyling option to grow your hair. It can also cause severe hair damage or even worse hair loss if you do not take the extra effort to care for your locks.

The Braiding Process

One of the most important steps to the application process is finding a reputable braiding or natural hair salon. The braiding technique is equally important to how the braids are applied to the base of your scalp. The braids should not be tight. The size of the braid is also important. Smaller braids tend to cause tension and stress at the roots which can cause additional hair loss than adding thicker braids.

Knotless braids are less damaging than micro or traditional braiding methods. It also has less tension and pulling on the scalp area.

Research the Salon

It’s best to go by referrals when you’re searching for a new salon. Social media provides endless opportunities to find a reputable salon. You can find a salon by researching a salon and following their social media feed. You can learn a lot by watching their videos and asking the stylist questions or commenting on their post. You even have access to chat with their current clients about their experiences in dealing with the salon and stylist.

The Importance of Hair Maintenance

Protective styles can cause slack and laziness because it’s a low maintenance style. Low manipulation is the best way to grow your hair, but if you’re not cleansing the scalp or moisturizing the hair frequently it can become extremely dry and brittle which will cause hair breakage.

You should cleanse the scalp to keep it clear of dirt, debris, grime and product residue which builds up easily when you wear braids.

In between shampoos, you can try using a dry shampoo which is great for maintaining and extending the beauty of the style for longer period of time.

Moisturizing Your Braids

The second step is to moisturize the hair with a braid spray or hair refresher. You can even use a DIY treatment with a mixture of water, your favorite conditioner and some raw aloe vera juice.

It’s very easy to skip days or weeks when your hair is braided so make sure you’re consistent when you’re wearing braided hairstyles and moisturize frequently. Make it part of your daily routine.

Timely Take Out

It’s vital not to leave braids in longer than they should be. The average time to wear braids is no longer than two or three months. If you decide to leave your braids in longer, you have a higher risk of experiencing hair damage or hair loss. If braids are braided too tight, you can suffer the results of traction alopecia.

Protective styling provides many benefits as long as you take care of your hair no matter what style you wear.

Braids provide creative options and allows you the freedom of limitless styling. It’s also a perfect option during the winter or summer months. It’s also a great way to discover and explore hair color without the use of chemically altering your natural hair.

What new hair styles are you craving to try in the New Year? Drop your ideas below.