Over-Conditioning: The Raw Truth from Root to End

There is three types of conditioning treatments:  Deep conditioners, instant and leave-in treatments. You should use a variety of these treatments and rotate them according to what your hair may need.

Steaming hair, cowashing or using the baggy method has become a very popular conditioning option. Unfortunately, over-conditioning can cause severe damage to hair. It is also a silent and deadly treatment if you choose not to follow the instructions on the bottle.  

Sometimes women can be heavy handed and use an excessive amount of product at one setting which may oversaturate the hair with concentrated and intense conditioning treatments. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Finding the Right PH Balance

When your hair does not have the correct PH balance, it can either cause your hair to become too dry or too moist. When there is too much moisture, it can cause hair to become too soft which causes breakage. Hair also will become limp and lack body.

Since textured hair tends to be drier due to the very tight curl pattern, it also tends to look dull and lacks a luminous sheen. The hair strand should contain a level of elasticity just like the surface of your skin. Shampoos with collagen is excellent for restoring elasticity to hair.

If you do realize that your hair is over-conditioned, a quick and simple solution would be to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar which naturally restores the PH balance in your hair.

However, there are many products that offer the same solution to restore PH balance. It’s a process of trial and error to find out what works for your individual hair texture.

Have a Love Affair With Your Hair

Women are on a mission to find the right products to make their curls pop. However, it’s a matter of chemistry and DNA. Every product does not work for everybody. It’s really about having a love affair with your coils and getting to know what they like and then paying attention, listening and giving your hair some TLC. Your hair will tell you exactly what it needs.

It’s All About the Protein

Protein is another important factor to consider since hair is made up of 91% protein. As you know, everything in life has a balance. Too much protein or too little can also cause breakage. You must have the correct balance of protein and moisture for healthy hair.

The best natural treatment for adding protein is simply adding an egg, avocado, mayonnaise or even a mashed banana. For a quick and easy treatment, you can find a protein treatment that works well in your hair. 

However, you must be careful with protein which can cause hair to become brittle and dry and leads to breakage. Look for products that contain soy protein, amino acids, wheat protein or keratin. Be especially careful with keratin because it’s extremely harsh, if not used correctly, and can severely damage the hair. Seeking a professional is recommended.

Lastly to salvage those split ends, you may want to add some coconut oil which is a natural miracle worker. Your best bet is to trim any areas that you can easily see through on the ends.

Once you clip all the damage off, apply the coconut oil from root to ends. Concentrate on gently massaging to seal the ends. Then, make sure that you protect your hair in a protective style.