3 Simple Tips to Grow Natural Hair


Although natural hair has the appearance that it can withstand and endure harsh elements, it is very fragile. No matter what hair texture you may have, from a soft, wave to a tight, curl pattern, your hair should be handled with care.
There is a myth or misconception about natural hair. For decades, there was no understanding or knowledge on how to care for natural hair. Under preconceived ideas and experiences, it was believed that African-American hair textures simply could not grow any longer than Angela Davis’s afro. Black women accepted this fact and moved on.
Through expanded research and endless options in natural hair brands on the market, the importance of moisture, protein and oil distribution and balance, natural hair does have the ability to grow. In fact, it always grew but due to breakage, hair length was never visible.
Even though there are still many things that hinder growth like the weather, diet, hair regimens and your health. It is highly achievable and possible.
Here are 3 simple hair growth hacks:
  • Less Manipulation
Women spend much time styling and maintaining hairstyles. All that wear and tear causes strands to become weak or excessively dry due to exposure to the air and elements in the environment. Sometimes, you may even find yourself playing in your hair while you watch TV or talk on the phone. The less you manipulate your hair, the better. You can achieve this by wearing protective styles and washing hair less frequently.
  • Trimming | Dusting
Regular trims are necessary to keep hair looking well-groomed. You should trim every 3 months or when you see your ends becoming frayed. The method can be either when you have twisted your freshly washed hair or after blow drying. Only trim the thinnest part at the ends or the ends that you see through. Your hair will look more healthy and full after a good hair trim.
  • Moisture

Natural hair is like a botanical garden. It needs to be watered regularly. Applying products that seal in moisture helps retain moisturize. The right PH balance of moisture and protein produces proper elasticity and minimizes breakage to produce hair growth.

Of course, a healthy diet and exercise regimen is highly beneficial to your overall health and hair regimen.

After putting a healthy regimen into your daily routine, you should experience and see results of significant hair growth over time. With patience, time and care, you will be on your way to achieving your hair length goals.