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How to Style Natural Hair like a Maven

The real deal is women love their hair. They spend a lot of money, time and much effort achieving and maintaining their crown. Here are nine helpful tips to get the results you want for healthy, natural hair.

Stretching natural hair maximizes unlimited styling options. Unless you just got a big chop or wear a TWA, you can lengthen your hair by manipulating the curl pattern by stretching the hair by using the banding method to create space buns, roll and tuck, high buns and other fashionable styles to set off your look.

Shine like a maven. Who wants dry, crispy-looking hair? Make sure you moisturize and add sheen on a regular basis to make those curls pop! Almond oil is one my favorites to add ultimate shine to any hairstyle.

Clip those split ends. Let’s face it, stray, straggly split ends are not cute! Trim your ends on a normal basis like every three months to eliminate split ends from traveling further up the hair shaft and causing more damage to your tresses.


Vary your hairstyles. 
Be careful not to style your hair the same way consistently. It may cause damage or permanent hair loss. Too much pulling, tugging, tightly braiding or parting the hair in the same pattern can cause strain and weaken the follicles which cause hair loss also known as traction alopecia.

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Deal with hair problems head-on. Sometimes, we tend to ignore minor issues until they become major problems. Make sure you pay attention to what your hair is telling you. Hair breakage, thinning or severe damage are signs of either internal problems related to health or diet as well as external issues such as styling methods, techniques or using the wrong products on your hair. You will need to find out the root of the problem (no pun intended). If you find your hair issues are progressing, you should talk to your professional hair stylist, physician or dermatologist who can help solve the problem.


Understand your facial shape. Not every style looks great on everybody. Know what shape you have and select styles that complement your facial landscape. Do you have a square, round, oval or triangle shape? Knowing that tidbit of information can improve your overall appearance. By knowing if a tapered cut or Mohawk looks best or a short TWA vs. an Angela Davis super fro can make all the difference in the world. Choosing two-stranded twist symmetrical bob instead of elongated braids on an oval face can transition a look dramatically. Being mindful in choosing a style that works best for you is slaysational!

Remember, products are not king. Although products do play an important role in the performance and appearance with our tresses, it is not the leading factor. Characteristics such as density, thickness, porosity, and hair growth are based on genetics and health. You simply cannot buy your way to perfection. Learning to accept your hair type and structure will eliminate the extra money, energy, and effort spent to strive for excellence. Let’s face it, no hair type, whether straight or curly is perfect. Let’s just appreciate the hair we have on our heads and learn to take care of it to the best of our ability.


Minimize heat styling. The use of flat irons, hot curlers or blow dryers can cause severe heat damage over time. Although heat aids in the process of activating deep conditioners or oil treatments which are the best treatment to open the hair shaft for deep moisturizer penetration, it can be the worst styling option for natural hair. Heat protectants aid in coating and shielding the strands from heat damage, however, it’s best to take precautions to use heat sparingly. Severe heat will transform the natural texture and elasticity of your hair. Once your hair has been compromised, it will not bounce back to those audacious, kinky curls. The only option is to cut off those fried, frazzled frizzies. 
Don’t be lazy while wearing wigs, weaves or braids. Some women wear wigs as a form of protective styling. Just ensure you keep your hair well-moisturized and to maintain regular maintenance and hair treatments so you’re not left with unexpected surprises under the dome.


With these nine helpful tips, you’re definitely on your way to styling like a maven!
What are some styling tips that you’ve learned on your natural hair journey? Let’s chat! Feel free to leave your comments or questions below.


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