The Big Chop vs.Braiding, Which Style is Best For a New You?

You may be on the fence wondering what to do with your hair during the summer months ahead.

You enjoy your freedom, the carefree days of summer and don’t like to spend endless hours on maintaining your hairstyles. You’re tired of the expense of high maintenance do’s and would prefer to save some money or simply use your money for other things in your budget.  

Entertaining the idea of going natural can be a very powerful decision, yet it can be daunting. The thought of cutting all your hair off can be paralyzing, especially if you have a good length of hair. 

Women have deep emotional and psychological ties to their locks. It’s our crowning glory! Even the thought of a trim, use to set me off at the salon where I would hold a mirror and watch every last bit of hair that my stylist cut off. Never mind how I reacted when she got to the back! Sister girl, just wasn’t haven’t it!!! I just had one too many flashbacks of all my hair sitting on the floor and in the sink due to breakage.

There is an alternate to getting the big chop if you want to go natural. During the hot summer months, the next best styling option is braiding. This low maintenance style will give your hair a break from daily styling tools. It’s a great way to grow natural hair. You do not have to fuss or spend too much time with your hair.

If you have a perm, please do not put a perm in your hair prior to braiding. I’ve heard of too many horror stories. It’s actually the worst thing you can do. Chemically-treated hair is weakened and does not receive the proper conditioning and moisture needed once braided which results in breakage and sometimes even balding.
Even though braids can also lead to breakage with natural hair, especially if the hair is braided too tightly, I would definitely not recommend any type of chemical alterations prior to braiding. New growth will eventually lead to a healthy bush of natural hair.  So, it’s not necessary for a perm even though some women prefer the roots to be straightened.
However, if you do decide to get a TWA, you must be absolutely sure that you want to cut it because once it’s gone, there’s no turning back! Personally, I love when I see women sporting short, cropped styles. I’m not influencing or recommending either style, but just providing encouragement for any style that you decide for the summer. The decision lies in your hands. Whatever you decide, wear it well; walk with confidence, power and assurance; knowing that you made the right decision.

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Photo Source:  Nachalooman