Texture ID Natural Hair Products

Texture ID Styling Review

I recently purchased three products from the Texture ID line. 
Originally, it piqued my interest because I wanted to achieve a defined Wash and Go style for a 4C texture, so that was the main reason for selecting these products.
The brand is highly recommended for 4C hair types. So, let me share my personal opinion, experience, and final results.

Now, let’s get started!

First Impressions
The overall product packaging is super cute! I like the color coordination and they provide a good amount of product for the price. Yeah, each item only costing $8.00 and some change! At the time that I purchased the product, they had a giveaway which came with a super cute tote bag! Yay! I love it!
Intense Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioner
The leave-in spray includes aloe vera extract, coconut oil, and honey. It promotes moisture and softness while sealing the cuticle. I have to say as soon as I sprayed it on, it was extremely smooth and my hair was easily detangled without any tugs or pulls. My hair was super soft with a smooth texture. It was extremely easy to comb through. You do not need to use a lot of the product because it is well-concentrated and a little goes a long way.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with how easily it detangled my hair. I will definitely add this product to my list. It may just have bumped two of my other liquid leave-in’s right out of the box too.  It’s definitely worth all the hype.
Styling Crème
I used the styling crème to perm rod twist my hair instead of using it for a Wash and Go. Again, you do not have to use a lot of the product. I used a nickel-size amount on each section and that was more than enough. I made sure to massage each section until I saw the strands clump together in a conformed curly pattern.
The key ingredients include cocoa butter, coconut oil, and shea butter. It provides medium hold while retaining moisture and elasticity. The styling crème is recommended for twist outs, rod sets, and protective styles.

The styling crème has an extremely strange consistency. It felt like melted marsh mellows! However, it was not sticky. It just felt pretty cool when I dipped my fingers in the jar!

Unfortunately, the biggest con was the scent. It smells terrible!!! It smells like a combination of jet fuel or oil under the hood of your car!!! It doesn’t smell like something you put in your hair and makes me wonder what the brand was thinking when they created this product.

I did not use this product alone. I layered it with the Design Essentials Coconut Monoi Moisturizer for extra hydration. Overall, my hair felt well-moisturized but there was a little shrinkage as I made sure my hair was extremely wet while twisting my hair.
Honestly, I’m on the fence about this product, plus I still need to see how it works on a Wash and Go so I cannot fairly rate this product. Overall, it’s not a bad product to keep on the shelf for quick styling options when you don’t have much time for higher maintenance styles. I’m sure this styling aid would work best for twist outs.
Thermal Multi-Styling Foam

Lastly, I used the heat protectant styling mousse for blow drying my locks, however, this was a big, big mistake! I did not use any other products besides the Texture ID Leave-in. The mousse was enormously frothy. I used 1 to 2 pumps for each section and it felt like I was raking the blow dryer through my hair! It took an exceptionally a long time to dry each section. I also wasted so much of the product because I was consistently wiping the excess mousse on my towel. It was a very messy process not to mention time-consuming. It took forever to blow dry my hair!
Compared to my other heat protectant mousse by Nubian Heritage, this product is not moisturizing or hydrating at all. It also has no slip and my hair felt like a bag of crunchy Doritos after it dried.
The only pro that I noticed was that my ends did not pop off while blow drying. My biggest mistake was not adding a moisturizer to coat the hair shaft before applying heat.

In comparison, I did not have to add additional products to the Nubian Heritage mousse and my hair was so soft and manageable.

The Texture ID Thermal Styling Foam is recommended for wrap styles, roller sets and blow drying. It states it can hold up to 450 degrees to protect from heat damage.
The key ingredients include wheat protein, Argan oil, and honey. It states that it strengthens and protects hair from breakage and improves shine and elasticity.
I do believe it strengthens your hair and protects it from breakage, however, I would definitely recommend layering the product with a moisturizer. I feel the mousse would be great for roller sets under a hooded dryer.
1.   Use only 1 or 2 pumps for the entire head
2.   Use a leave-in conditioner and moisturizer to coat the hair prior to mousse application
3.   Do not use thermal mousse to blow dry hair
4.   Too time-consuming because it took too long to blow dry
5.   Best use for rod sets under a hooded blow dryer
6.   Apply an oil after blow drying or apply an oil after mousse application to seal in moisture before roller setting
Last Impressions
I was undecided whether to return 2 out 3 of the products but I decided to keep them all. Since the products are highly concentrated, the next time I use them I will use less product which will possibly provide better results.
If you are protein sensitive, these products may not be a good option for you. I would take precautions and make sure you balance the right amount of moisture when using these products because they tend to be drying due to the wheat protein. However, the leave-in conditioner is definitely hydrating and will definitely be one of my go-to leave-in conditioners for my regular wash days.