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At-Home Hair Care Maintenance: Five Grooming Essentials for a Healthy Mane

We can tend to become a little lazy with our hair care routine when we are indoors for an extended period of time.

Here are a few grooming tips to keep your mane healthy.
[One] Mark Your Calendar
Maintain a regular hair care routine. Whether you choose to shampoo once a week on twice or a week. Don’t put off your wash day for longer periods of time. Your hair may not feel as dirty but your scalp needs to be rid of excess oils and product buildup. It also needs the dose of moisture to keep your coils hydrated especially if you wear braids or cornrows.
Deep conditioning is priority to healthy, strong hair. You may have temptation to skip this part of the routine but this is a vital step to locking in the moisture after shampooing. Finding a great deep conditioner for your hair type takes time but once you find one, stick with it.
[Two] Don’t forget to moisturize regularly.
You may forget the basics like adding hair milk or butters to your hair. I know, it sounds very basic, but this one step could cause havoc leading to dry, brittle hair and sometimes, “Oh no, that dirty word, yes,” hair breakage.
[Three] Trim split ends at least every three months.
Keep a schedule on how often you trim your hair. It can be challenging if you’re used to going to a hair salon regularly, however it’s do able to maintain your hair care at home. It’s best to use a professional hair shears for trimming or cutting your hair. You may want to ask a family member to trim or cut the back of your hair to avoid uneven ends or worst.
[Four] Wrap your hair at night.
Don’t forsake protecting your hair at bedtime due to laziness. It’s still very important to maintain a regular routine in all areas of your life even if you do not have a daily schedule. When you keep a schedule, you will stay motivated and inspired. It will keep you organized and moving forward. You will not feel stagnate and it will keep your hair healthy and happy!
[Five] Hot Oil Treatments still work like a charm.
You may have a little extra time to really provide self-care routine so don’t forget the simple process of adding a hot oil treatment possibly once a month. This old school treatment is still king and works like a charm to reduce breakage, split ends and repair damage.