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Product Review: Camille Rose Almond Jai Butter | Is it Worth the Hype?

I finally tried Camille Rose Almond Jai Butter which was an unexpected impulse purchase after seeing a flood of advertisements and testimonials on Instagram.
When I opened the jar, girl! The scent was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! It smells so good! I wasn’t sure whether I should eat it or put it on my hair! It has a vanilla-type scent but smells like a cake batter or some type of dessert. It’s not a strong, sweet scent but it has a very appealing fragrance.

What I noticed was that the scent faded when I opened the jar after a couple of weeks so it doesn’t have the strong aroma like it once did.

The soft pink butter has an extremely smooth and thick consistency. My fingers glided across the top like butter frosting. My fingers did not feel sticky or greasy either. It was like a body moisturizer that melted into my skin. I instantly fell in love with the product even before putting it on my hair. I tried using Camille Rose on dry, wet and blow-dried hair. Each application provided similar results.
Camille Rose on Blow-dried Hair
The first time I used this product was on freshly, blow-dried hair. Due to its intense moisturizing benefits, it quickly reverted my hair texture. Due to the shrinkage, I would not recommend using this product on blow-dried hair.
Camille is Doing Her Thing on Wet Hair
I immediately knew that this product would provide amazing results on freshly washed hair after my experience on blow dried hair.
I used a leave-in conditioner as well as a conditioning moisturizer before adding the Camille Rose styling butter. My curls were popping for days!
It held te moisture in my twist for five days without needing to refresh my hair. I had well-defined curls and my hair was springy, and light. Never in my life have I experienced such positive results on my hair journey.
Miss Rose on Dry Hair
When my hair needed to be re-twisted, I applied the almond jai butter on each section. However, I noticed it was not gliding through my hair as easily so I added a light oil by Natty and it really helped along with adding my water spritz.
My twist out didn’t look much different than when it was used on wet hair. I had defined curls that were well-moisturized with bouncy, springy ringlets.
I would definitely recommend this product because it softens, hydrates and strengthens the hair and the results are outstanding!. You also don’t have to use much because it’s concentrated. Although it is quite expensive, it is well worth the purchase to achieve quality styles and maintain healthy hair.
Besides the extra coin, it is well worth every curl, twist, and coil!

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