Detangling brush

Product Review: Detangling Brush by Hey Beauty

I don’t normally use a detangling brush after washing my hair but I figured since I purchased a good-quality hair gel by the Mane Choice that I would purchase a paddle brush that will help make those curls pop!
It took several hours of online research and I read multiple reviews before deciding on purchasing this detangling brush by Hey Beauty.
Best Features:
The secret is out!
I’m so excited to share the results of this amazing brush!!! Unlike the basic hair brushes on the market, this brush provides 3-dimensional bristles meaning the design consists of a unique, geometric pattern which has 388 bristles of varying heights.
It catches each strand of hair of varying lengths and smooths the hair strands with ultimate ease. The brush is genius! It reduces hair breakage and damage.
The bristles are made of a pliable, polyester fiber which glides through your hair with perfection. It also stimulates the scalp with its rounded tips which massages the scalp with each stroke.
I also really love and appreciate the ergonomically, sculptured handle designed for a comfortable grip which made brushing a breeze!


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Made for straight or Curly Girlies
It’s made for all hair types and textures including thin or thick and natural or synthetic hair.
Since I have a 4c hair texture, I was skeptical if this brush would really work but its brought life to my hair!
The Process
First, I applied my leave-in conditioner, oil, moisturizer and hair gel on wet or damp hair.
Of course, you can’t just rake the brush through your hair. So, I used my wide to comb to eliminate any tangles and snags prior to brushing. If you come across, any single strand or fairy knots, it’s best to detangle with your fingers and simply snip the knot.
After you have thoroughly combed through your hair, I normally start towards the middle to the end of a small section of hair and slowly start brushing.

Depending on your hair type, it may not go through on the first pass. As for me, it took a couple of passes before it slid through my hair. With each pass, it provided amazing definition and left me with bouncy, popping curls.
The overall performance and final results exceeded my expectation. It is definitely a hair tool that’s worth investing in!
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